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10/21/20 - HigherEdMilitary
Why executive leaders in higher education, looking for creative ways to keep veteran employees engaged, should consider establishing veteran employee resource groups. 
10/20/20 - Conference on College Composition & Communication
Student veterans often bring multiple assets to writing classrooms. Read some of the special considerations instructors should note when working with student veterans.
10/19/20 -
One of the main ways higher education institutions can help student veterans is by implementing strong veterans' programs on college campuses.
9/25/20 - The Journal of Continuing Higher Education
This research study identifies student veterans' perceptions of the strengths they can bring to a university and how their strengths affect academic performance.
9/24/20 - Veterans Education Success
Panelists will discuss some of the challenges faced by higher education professionals as they work to navigate the acceptance and application of military learning to program requirements. Policy ideas to support military learners and student veterans will also be discussed.
9/23/20 - Purdue University
The conference will bring together experts to inform and educate Indiana professionals on critical issues facing Indiana’s military families.
9/22/20 - Inside Higher Ed
Four questions for Chris Mayer, associate dean for strategy and initiatives, an associate professor of philosophy at the United States Military Academy at West Point, and a colonel in the U.S. Army.
9/21/20 - The Missouri Times
Be transparent, what we need to do for veterans using financial assistance granted by the GI Bill in higher education. 
9/21/20 - HigherEdJobs
Have you ever reflected on the course of your career and the seemingly inconsequential moments that have made an impact? Such slight changes in the direction of a life, when played out over a longer period, have the potential to radically change who we are, what we do, and where we do it. What micro-mentors have made a difference in your path?
9/21/20 - HigherEdJobs
Many have said the divide between faculty and administrators continues to grow. In the last few years, budget cuts, shared governance issues, and now COVID-19 and its impact have exposed this rift. So, how can senior leaders help bridge this trust gap? Let's explore a few efforts that have helped campus leaders around the country to increase understanding and communication with faculty at their institutions.
9/18/20 - CNN
Six Triple Eight, the only all-Black Women's Army Corps unit to serve in Europe during World War II.
9/18/20 - HigherEdJobs
Currently, there are lawsuits alleging bias by Harvard and Yale in undergraduate admissions. They claim that affirmative action on behalf of Black candidates is discriminatory. It will be up to Harvard and Yale to mount their arguments in court. However, in the meantime, let us consider the uses of affirmative action, i.e., the consideration of characteristics other than class rank and SAT scores, in college admissions.
9/14/20 - Texas A&M University
The university is partnering with Service to School to prepare servicemen and veterans for higher education. 
9/11/20 - The White House
In cities and towns across our great country, we stand in solidarity to remember the victims and mourn their stolen hopes and dreams.
9/10/20 - Diverse Issues in Higher Education
The Air Force’s first female African American fighter pilot is now making her mark on future officers at the Air Force Academy. 
9/9/20 - Diverse Issues in Higher Education
The scholarship of $25,000 per year complements educational benefits available to veteran graduate students in five schools at Vanderbilt University. 
9/8/20 - East Central University

The university will receive $261,888 per year for the next five years beginning September 1.

9/3/20 - Evergreen State College
After retiring from the military, Ray Mobley now serves in a different capacity, as an admissions counselor at Evergreen State College. 
9/1/20 - U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
This virtual hiring fair for student veterans will take place September 9, 2020.
8/31/20 - Diverse Issues in Higher Education
Amazon, in partnership with City University of Seattle, is offering an online certification program for military veteran employees. 
8/28/20 - P.A.V.E
PAVE is a peer support program that connects incoming student veterans on college campuses with student veterans who are trained as Peer Advisors. 
8/27/20 - Rutgers University
PAVE operates at 46 colleges across the country with advisors that help newcomers learn the ropes and find solutions to challenges, camaraderie, and support on campus. 
8/25/20 - Bethel University
The college of Adult and Professional Studies is offering active military members a $250 per credit tuition rate. 
8/24/20 - Military Times
As IT companies are increasingly dropping the college-degree prerequisite, how can higher education institutions serving veterans adapt? 
8/23/20 - The University of Texas at Austin
The Student Veteran Services center at UT-Austin offers training every semester on military culture and academic advising for faculty and staff. 
8/21/20 - East Oregonian
The Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs has announced awards for campus veteran resource centers at public universities and community colleges in Oregon. 
8/20/20 - Military Times
Some recruiting tactics may be using the pandemic to mislead students veterans. 
8/19/20 - The University of Texas at San Antonio
The phone campaign, called Operation Buddy Check, will reach out to student veterans on campus this week. 
8/17/20 - The Chronicle
Colleges with online offerings predominated among institutions with the most students receiving Post-9/11 GI Bill or Department of Defense Tuition Assistance benefits in 2017-18.
8/16/20 - University Business
Can the discipline, testing, and restrictions at military academies translate for civilian universities? 
8/13/20 - Military Times
While online learning is common for military students, faculty and staff should acknowledge how abrupt transitions may leave some less confident in an online learning environment.
8/12/20 - Diverse Military
The Fostering Leadership and Inclusion by Growing HBCU Training (FLIGHT) Act has been passed by the Senate. 
8/11/20 -
Use the Military Skills Translator to match your military experience with open civilian jobs. 
8/10/20 - KAGS
The Texas A&M University System, Texas Workforce Commission, Combined Arms, Wal-Mart Foundation, Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Texas Veterans Commission, and others have teamed up to create the new all-inclusive experience for military veterans and their families. 
8/8/20 - University of San Diego
Despite high unemployment in some areas and a health pandemic, veterans stress the importance of networking veteran to veteran when finding jobs. 
8/6/20 - SHRM
To be veteran ready, higher education institutions need to break down barriers and stereotypes and have a deeper understanding of veterans in the hiring process.
8/5/20 - American Council on Education
From 2012, this report highlights data from 690 higher education institutions and the state of their programs and services for veterans and service members on campus.
8/4/20 - Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities

What is the common ground when using the terms 'veteran-friendly' and 'military-friendly' in higher education? 

8/3/20 - Sanford Health
The deadline for the $5,000 scholarship for veteran, guard/reserve, and active duty military service members is August 31, 2020. 
8/2/20 - Providence Journal
For no cost, the Providence Clemente Veterans’ Initiative is an opportunity for veterans to experience a college classroom and earn six transferable credits. 
7/31/20 - Institute For Veterans and Military Families
Military training, personal characteristics, work ethic, and steadfast commitment make student veterans a valuable part of the campus community. 
7/30/20 - Texas Tech University System
After a distinguished military career, retired Lt. Gen. Hawkins will be the next president of Angelo State University. 
7/29/20 - VAntage Point
Representatives from each state have shared their most underused benefit for veterans. 
7/28/20 - Cornell Chronicle
The free intensive weeklong virtual program focuses on college preparation experiences for recent veterans and current military.
7/28/20 - Rome Sentinel
The scholarship recognizes Professor Lenarcic’s and Professor Ruff’s lifelong dedication to veterans’ rights and causes.
7/27/20 - Our Community Salutes
A free virtual career fair for veterans on July 28, 2020. 
7/27/20 - Military Times
The proposal faces a long legislative road, but would change how for-profit schools retain and recruit troops. 
7/25/20 - Institute for Veterans and Military Families
See the employment situation for veterans in June 2020. 
7/23/20 - Texas Public Radio
Doctors and nurses with the Air Force Reserves share warnings for the public not to underestimate the continued threat posed by COVID-19, as many returned home from New York City during the height of its pandemic. 
7/23/20 - The Clermont Sun
As hundreds of service members are on the frontlines of COVID-19 a commitment to preparing service members for the job market after the pandemic is essential. 
7/22/20 - Consortium of Michigan Veteran Educators
To be held September 25, 2020, this statewide network seeks to make military-connected students as successful as possible in Michigan’s higher education landscape. 
7/22/20 - Oxford University Press
Described as an 'essential text' this book draws attention to the unique needs of student veterans in higher education.
7/21/20 - U.S. Veterans Magazine
Military experience provides veterans with everything they need to be successful in higher education. Identifying how those experiences fit into education is key. 
7/21/20 - University Business
Higher education institutions should make sure they are offering necessary support for their student veterans on campus. 
7/20/20 - National Education Association
The next step for a number of new veterans is higher education. As more veterans join your campus, it is important to understand the needs of veteran students. 
7/20/20 - The Conversation
Veterans and active military service members may face varying obstacles in completing their degrees. Learning more about these obstacles is the first step in helping more students complete their degrees. 
7/19/20 - Corvias Foundation
Supporting education opportunities for military families, the Corvias Foundation kicked off its 13th annual orientation virtually for its incoming class of scholarship recipients.
7/17/20 - Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
Working in higher education allows veterans to utilize the skills they have developed while serving in the military.
7/17/20 - The Atlantic
Serving in World War II gave Kurt Lang a new outlook on the military, politics, society, and higher education.
7/16/20 - American Council on Education
ACE and the Department of Defense will continue working together to foster success in higher education for veterans and service members. 
7/16/20 - William & Mary
Thanks to the recent donation, the university is now developing a new Veteran-to-Executive Transition program (W&M VET) that will prepare veterans for excellence in civilian leadership roles.
7/15/20 - Purdue University
When serving veterans at higher education institutions, keeping the veteran's family in mind is a key factor in providing useful support.
7/15/20 - The Atlantic
Understanding the realities of female veterans, both in and out of the military, can help us better serve female veteran students.
7/14/20 - Military Times
The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944, also known as the GI Bill, has not always supported Black veterans. 
7/14/20 - Student Veterans of America
Exclusively for U.S. Army veterans, applications for The Patriot Scholarship are now being accepted. 
7/13/20 - Connecting Vets

After suspending GI Bill Benefits for 5 universities in March, VA is now lifting those suspensions with several advocates now addressing potential legal issues.

7/13/20 - IU Kokomo Newsroom

Addressing the subculture of being a military service member, Kellin Hardin seeks to counsel veterans and stresses the importance of higher education.

7/11/20 - American Council on Education
When it comes to serving military-connected students, there is not a one-size-fits-all system. There are important differences to consider when serving veteran students. 
7/10/20 - The Harvard Crimson
Increased outreach efforts aimed at potential students currently serving in the military means Harvard College has admitted more veterans and ROTC candidates to the Class of 2024.
7/10/20 - Thanks USA
The Pathways for Patriots program aims to bridge the gap between higher education and employment for military veterans and their families.
7/9/20 - The Hill
Why and how America’s military veteran community can fill higher education's leadership roles.
7/9/20 - Pat Tillman Foundation
In recognition of their service and leadership potential, 60 U.S. service members, veterans and military spouses have been chosen as 2020 Tillman Scholars. The scholars will receive scholarship funding to pursue higher education.
7/9/20 - Native American Veterans Association

The "Breakfast Circle" now the "Talking Circle" is being held online using Zoom. Every 2nd Saturday of the month. The next meeting is July 11, 2020.

7/8/20 - Penn State News
Hear from senior director for Veterans Affairs and Services at Penn State on the future of veterans affairs.
7/8/20 - Purdue University
Check out the Military Family Research Institute's "Appreciating the Realities of Military Service: Higher learning institution policies regarding deployment and GI Bill benefits" report.
7/8/20 - U.S. News
Colleges and Universities are missing the opportunity to serve veteran and military students. Using a broader approach, restructuring higher education institutions to better serve these students will better serve all students.
7/7/20 - Duke Today
See how Duke University is supporting and honoring the U.S. military in research and in the classroom.
7/7/20 - Purdue University
Read the Military Family Research Institute's "Honoring Those Who Serve: Raising Campus and Community Awareness" report.
7/7/20 - U.S. Department of Education
What are the 8 keys to veterans' success and which universities have committed to serving them?
7/6/20 -
COVID-19 is affecting millions of veterans and military-connected students in higher education. Some recommendations on going forward.
7/6/20 - Nation Swell
Creating a collective and collaborative network can bolster knowledge and access to education for student veterans. How one veteran is leading the way.
7/6/20 - The Chicago Maroon
Perseverance and struggle. How perseverance in higher education and the military differ for veteran students adjusting to university life.
6/18/20 - HigherEdJobs
As a job applicant, there is no doubt you've thought about following up with a potential employer at some point. However, the following thoughts may have also crossed your mind: Is it acceptable to follow up? How soon is too soon? Who should I contact? The answers often depend upon your reason for following up and how you go about doing it. Consider these rules of thumb next time you're tempted to send a follow-up note.
1/22/20 - HigherEdJobs
LeNaya Hezel is the director of the Veterans Office at Georgetown University, where she helps military-connected students access and thrive in higher education. In this month's Higher Ed Careers interview, Hezel and Andrew Hibel discuss how attributes of the military-connected community translate to higher education, how schools can make sure they are inclusive of veterans and service members, and what faculty and staff need to know to effectively serve military-connected students.
3/19/18 - HigherEdJobs
"Can you remind me why you are so great, again?" If you receive a similar request from a former manager or colleague you've asked to be a reference, don't be offended. Your achievements may not be top of mind for them, especially if you haven't worked together in years. Instead, help them prepare to give you a good reference by reminding them of former duties and notable achievements, sharing your resume or CV, and filling them in on the desired job.
2/6/18 - HigherEdJobs
No matter what type of position you're interviewing for in the higher education field, it's important to communicate clearly during one-on-one interviews, at meals, with campus administrators, and during all other interactions throughout the interview process. In fact, effective verbal communication is one of the most sought-after skills by employers these days. So how can you practice and enhance this critical skill in advance of your next big interview?
10/7/16 - HigherEdJobs
The objective of the job interview is to determine the right fit. You wouldn't have made it this far without having a resume or CV that is compatible with the job description, so the pivotal questions asked during the interview are the ones that glean more abstract information to find the perfect match.
8/1/16 - HigherEdJobs
Congratulations on your new job! Usually the conversation where you accept the offer and confirm your salary and start date is busy enough. It doesn't present the chance to pose those nitty gritty questions such as: Where do I park on my first day? What is the office dress code? How do I navigate campus? Where do I eat lunch?